The Founder

Fritz Bender, born 30th October 1907 in Heidelberg, was a builder and plasterer. In 1936 he relocated his business from Heidelberg to Munich. The first principal office was at Rindermarkt and in 1942 he expanded his business with premises on Schleißheimer Straße 371. At the end of the 1950s the formerly erected shanty town alongside the operating estate at Schleißheimer Straße had been pulled down and has been replaced by impressive residential accommodation for builders that included approximately 1000 beds, one lunchroom, one supermarket and a bowling alley. This was a social project of a middle-sized Bavarian enterprise that has attracted attention well beyond Bavaria.

Fritz Bender was a craftsman of the old school who has learned his business starting from the bottom. He remained a true craftsman throughout his life due to the fact that he was enthusiastic about his work and loved the material with which he worked.
After the Second World War Fritz Bender was heavily involved in the reconstruction of Munich and rebuilding of characteristic Bavarian historical buildings. The reconstruction of the badly needed apartments was one of his great concerns. House building in Bavaria gained essential impetus through the efficient method of construction (lagging of great surfaces and fabrication of plaster) that has been decisively developed by him and also through his method of processing wreckage into brick split and sand. Because of his highly professional qualification one called for him to rebuild real estate projects in the Rhineland, the “Villa Hammerschmidt”, the “Villa Kastanien” and the castle “Rosenburg” in Godesberg.
Also, he re-erected the totally destroyed castle church in Mannheim.

For his life achievement Fritz Bender was decorated with the Bavarian order of merit on 25th June 1982 by the formerly Bavarian prime Minister Franz Josef Strauß.

Among his professional activity Fritz Bender was very much into classical music. He liked to perform songs by Schubert, Schumann and Richard Strauß and to recite poems and couplets.

Before his death on 28th March 1986 he established a foundation that was named after him in which he transferred all his fortune. His foundation was supposed to serve the following three purposes:

  1. The highest priority concerned the promotion of medical research in terms of diseases of the immune system.

  2. Also, upon the instruction of his founder, the Fritz-Bender-Foundation annually awards a construction prize for particular achievements in the range of organic construction.

  3. His private concern applied to his colleagues also. Builders in need and their families can be supported financially in case of diseases.

The Fritz-Bender Foundation is guided by the spirit of its founder. The establishment of the foundation was the last good deed of Fritz Bender whereby he acted– as in his lifetime- for the benefit of the general public.